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I believe that when we conceive of a building, site or community design with the intent to bring forth innate desired feelings - like love, happiness, connection, harmony - an architecture of healing will emerge.   To heal, we must tap into our inner source of love, transform and develop our inner spiritual nature and then reach out to transform the built environment in a similar manner. When we approach our built environment from a feeling and a place of love, the form and essence of our built environment will change from one that is inherently destructive, to one that loves us back with abundant resources, clean water, air and forests, healthy ecosystems and more spiritual wealth and connection to nature and one another than ever before. Thank you for considering my application.


Passionate. Joyful. Influencer. Connector. Cutting Edge. Fun. Knowledgeable. Loving. Tireless. Advocate. These are words that my peers use to describe me.


To say I spent some late nights working on green building and sustainability projects would be an understatement. For the past 15 years, I have worked diligently, with passion, and with delight to help building developers, architects, contractors, municipalities and other green consultants achieve green results. As you will see throughout my application, the results of my work are tangible.


It would be a pleasure and an honor to receive the designation of LEED Fellow, and I would proudly represent the organization, UGSBC and the movement, in the next 15 years to an even greater ability, with even fiercer loyalty and service.


Thank you for your consideration,



- Experience on 41 LEED projects using LEED-NC, CI, CS, Homes and O+M:EB in role as LEED Project Administrator, LEED Team Member and as a mentor to other LEED Project Admins (while at Paladino & Company and with my own firm).


- Past USGBC and CaGBC LEED reviewer


- Technical committee and peer reviewer of the Living Building Challenge v1, v1.1 and v1.2


- Director of Sustainable Sites Initiative, led SITES pilot certification process and technical evolution of the rating system


- Author of O+M Toolkit for City of Dallas portfolio of over 500 buildings


- Currently LEED Specialist for USGBC Customer Experience Technical Customer Support team coordinating our team roll out of WELL, SITES and EDGE.




 Connecting people and ideas to create

exemplary and impactful green projects. 




- Created Cascadia Green Building Council's Living Future UnConference and led the team to launch the annual event, now in it's 9th year.


- Facilitated over 15 LEED Green Associate and LEED AP study sessions


- Taught LEED workshops, from 1-3 days in length on v2, v2.1, v2.2. v3 and v4, in three countries


- Green Mentor program mentors other green building and LEED Consultants in their role as LEED Project Administrator


- Mentored participants in the 1) CleanTech open, 2) an after school program for the Anne Richards School of Young Women Leaders, 3) created, "So You Want to be a Green Architect" mentor program at Montana State University School of Architecture.



- Authored over 100 articles on green building, LEED and sustainability for the New York Times website


- Speak regularly on green building at over 100 events


- TEDx Seven Mile Beach talk called, "Inspiring Sustainability Actions by Design"


- Invited blogger for Triple Pundit and Seattle Post Intelligencer


- Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, "Why Buildings Can Never Be Regenerative" and other articles on green building featured in Green Magazine, Natural Choice Directory


- Committee that added NW MLS checkboxes for green features


- Supported various green building legislation, in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, in my role as the Cascadia Chapter Washington State Director.



- Volunteer for the USGBC Central Texas - Balcones chapter, and Cascadia Green Building Council


-  Developed a free 30 Day Green Challenge to guide personal sustainability actions


- Served on over 20 boards and committees including the NW Ecobuilding Guild, AIA COTE, Sustainable Food Center, NW Biodiesel Network, Seattle City Repair


- Co-creator of 10x10x10 Green Building Slam


- Developed and led the "Potential of the Green Building Process" to Homeowners at the Phinney Neighborhood Center


- 'Attainable Sustainable' home remodel published by the City of Seattle.





I would love to serve as a LEED Fellow.



I always love talking about green building and I would enjoy discussing the LEED Fellow role with you. 


Being such a prestigious award, I would enjoy speaking to you about the demands and responsibilities of a LEED Fellow. Also, I would be more than happy to discuss my role on various projects, or share with you the excitement I have about working on the USGBC Customer Experience team. 


It would be a pleasure and an honor to receive the designation of LEED Fellow, and I would proudly represent the organization, UGSBC and the movement, in the next 15 years to an even greater ability, with even fiercer loyalty and service.


Thank you for your consideration.   - Marni



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